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My Braelle Concept

I started making soaps soon after my daughter was born.  She had eczema and I had tried a number of the expensive natural over the counter creams and ointments and they weren’t helping her.  I began looking into more naturals ways to treat her skin issues.  That’s when I decided to learn about making a natural product myself, using herbs and essential oils.  Having a nursing background, I wanted what I made to be healthy and help her.  I did just that with my first soap, Baby Bee Goats Milk Soap.  I have accomplished the same with all my products. 


I use essential oils, carrier oils, clay and stone powders, herbs and flowers from my own garden, and natural colorants in my products.  No harsh chemicals or additives. 


I love knowing that what I’ve created is a more holistic, natural, and spiritual product that is healthy for you in a complete sense: mind, body, and soul. 





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